Ok, so my not-so-triumphant return to the keyboard was intended to begin with a series on living without the state, but tonight’s brand-new CSI got me to thinking. It’s the episode guest-starring teen heart-throb Justin Bieber and thus designed to reach a much larger audience than usual and guess what it features? Anti-government activists-cum-terrorists. The story pretty predictable, young Bieber getting caught up in something he doesn’t understand, brainwashed by his brother and associates to hate the police and the government, meetings with fiery rhetoric held in front of an American flag bedecked with ‘Freedom’ slogans… think American History X substituting neo-nazis for the Tea Party movement and you get the idea.

In fact, I’m beginning to think that IS the idea: As we’ve seen with the recent tragedy in the US the blame is now pointed towards anti-statist activists, and a quick glance at the comments on many an article (that last thread’s quite good, actually) show that the message is starting to hit home: libertarians, anarchists and assorted other anti-big-state people are now Enemy Number One. Muslims are SO last decade, at least in the US.