How Far We’ve Come


My God. How far we’ve come.
To think, in the past, people had to be expected to know themselves how to cope in hot weather!
Thank Providence that we have modern technology to save us, so all those thousands don’t drop dead on the train because they didn’t realise they had to drink to survive any more.
How humanity has avoided extincition until now eludes me, but now our survival as a species is assured.



imageseemingly? Even Sun readers are seemingly not immune.
Make no mistake, Abbott’s tweet was racist, there is no ‘seemingly’ about it.
I can divine no logical reason for adding a ‘seemingly’ unless one is labouring under the nagging feeling that Abbott cannot be racist because she is herself black.
In which case YOU are racist.

Bookshops, New and Used



There is often a lot of talk on Samizdata about the overly left-wing bias in high street bookshops in the UK, but this gem was spotted in a charity shop (the Strood Community Project) which appears to be a sort-of fake charity (“grant” dependent, but with aspirations of real voluntaryism according to their webpage) that concerns itself with helping unemployed people find work.

Actually, I might have to buy it if I pass when they are open. I’m curious to find out what a Marxist Aesthetic actually is. I’m thinking of that awful square Soviet architecture, or the rather attractive propaganda posters of same, but no doubt I’m mistaken (right-wing loony that I am).