Official: Your Life Worth Less

Today, interior minister May announced that anyone convicted of killing one of the state’s paramilitaries will get an automatic life sentence.
But only those killing agents of the state. If the cattle get killed, then the same derisory sentences apply. That’s you, me or your dear old mum. A stark illustration of the contempt these people hold us in, and they care so little that they just say it out loud.
Some people will probably even applaud the announcement. Why isn’t there an outcry?!



The Scottish city of Glasgow has won a £24 million grant from the UK’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB) to become Britain’s first “smart city”.

The money will be spent by the council on services for residents that will make the quality of living in the city better. Glasgow beat 30 other UK cities to the prize.

Projects on the table include real-time traffic information, apps to check when buses and trains are arriving, and a pothole reporting service. Facial analysis for the city’s CCTV network and energy use monitoring to make electricity and gas delivery more efficient are also mooted.

“Glasgow has some quite extreme challenges – it has the lowest life expectancy of any city in the UK for instance – and the hope is that if we bring together energy, transport, public safety and health it will make it more efficient and a better place to live,” Scott Cain, the TSB’s project leader for Future Cities, told the BBC.

Spot the scary part?

Facial analysis for the city’s CCTV network and energy use monitoring to make electricity and gas delivery more efficient are also mooted.


Old Doc, New Ticks

It’s finally happened. I’ve fallen ill. I always knew it would all start falling apart one day, but nobody warned me it would begin at the still-tender age of thirty, although to be fair I did really abuse my body during my late teens and early twenties (no, really!) so I suppose it’s fair play. What isn’t fair play is that I’ve been paying into the states ‘insurance’ fund for just as long. The fact I’ve been forced to pay at gunpoint doesn’t enter into it, I want the service that I’ve paid for.

Perhaps a little back-story. Unused as I am to visiting the doctor, I do at least go regularly enough to know that my last GP was a gem. An Indian lady of the old-school variety, she’d been my GP since birth and was my mother (and grandparent’s) GP before that. She didn’t ‘do’ computers and maintained a Big Brown Envelope filing system, the PC on her desk displaying the floating XP screensaver beloved of un-logged-in expensive paperweights everywhere. Something she also didn’t ‘do’ was ask you the state-mandated smoking/drinking survey.

She retired earlier this year.

The ‘new’ doctor is an elderly Indian gentleman, but nontheless while I sat spaced-out-proper in his surgery, he insisted on going through the rigmarole…
“How many do you smoke, how much do you drink, sorry it’s the government making me do this (all the while making ticks and notes on some sort of form), can you step on the scales please (despite the fact that I could barely stand- although, come to think of it he had no way of knowing this as he hadn’t actually fucking asked me what the FUCK was wrong with me yet), now I’ll just measure your height (in my cowboy boots that add a good 2″ to my height) sorry it’s the government, can I do your blood pressure ooh it’s a bit high that’s because your arteries are hardening from smoking but I can’t get you to stop but it’s your early grave (thank fuck for that, to think I might have otherwise have had to put up with this shit for another 10 years with increasing regularity) sorry the government make me say all this, now what can I do for you?”

Then a cursory 30 second (interrupted) description of my symptoms followed by a diagnosis of “hypoglyclemia but I can’t do a blood test because the nurse is off sick, -(to intercom) can you send some sick certificates up please, come back in a week if it doesn’t improve and we’ll send you for tests.”

Then he wrote “viral infection” on a sicknote and I was out the door. Approximately 15 minutes spent on the sorry-the-government-make-me-do-this bit, and approximately 90 seconds spent on the reason I’d gone there in the first place.

I was, of course, already of the opinion that the NHS should be abolished entirely but I am now also of the opinion that I’m lucky I happened to experience this for the first time under a befuddled haze, or the new doc may have got a punch on the nose for his trouble.

What Is Wrong With These People?

This woman, caught on camera dumping a kitten in a wheelie bin, is obviously a very cruel and perverse person, possibly psychopathic- who demonstrates all that is wrong with society today and all the rest of it. Certainly she should, if found, be prosecuted and punished.

See if you can see what caught my eye from the story though? I’ll give you a hint, by emboldening it:

Coventry Police said they had been alerted to what had happened and had passed the matter to the RSPCA. A spokesman for the RSPCA said: “We are appalled by allegations that a cat was placed inside a wheelie bin in Coventry in what would appear to be a mindless act of animal cruelty “Investigations are on-going in liaison with the police.

Seriously, what the f..?
So now the RSPCA are the official animal-related investigation branch of the Police? Are the Police incapable or prevented or just plain uninterested in following up this complaint (which is not merely animal cruelty, distilled it amounts to criminal damage of the owner’s property) themselves? And there was me thinking that they were merely a charitable organisation devoted to giving soup to tramps finding loving homes for abused dogs giving sanctuary to abandoned donkeys Alright alright, I knew that they were another kind of cop, but I wasn’t aware that it was official. The arrogance just drips from that last quote: “Investigations are on-going in liason with the pollice.” To me that reads “This is OUR jurisdiction. WE are the FBI RSPCA and when we find whoever is responsible we’ll have the Police arrest them.” Nice.

Still, if you live in the Coventry area and you recognise the psychopath in the photograph, you might as well phone Obersturmfuhrer-RSPCA Nicky Foster on 0300 1234 999 and give them something useful to do, otherwise they will might get bored and start kidnapping elderly, much loved pets themselves…

Medway Muggings: A Local Perspective

We are, by now familiar with the erratic implementation of the thousands of new laws in this once-great nation of ours, so I submit this for your attention.

You may remember Leg-Iron’s picture of the exposed, windy bus stop with the no smoking sign? Well, the picture below is the area within Chatham Bus Station where smoking is permitted.

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Looks quite enclosed doesn’t it?  Selective enforcement being, of course, the trademark of repressive authoritarian regimes since time immemorial.

It’s not all rosy in Medway though. Although I’ve been reading stories about the street harassment of the smoker community 😉 up and down the country I hadn’t experienced any myself, or heard of any locally. Too many smokers, too many of them chavs, thugs, winos or moody-looking foreigners for such things to happen around these parts. Nevermore.

For now, via Dick Puddlecote I see that mugging has been legalised in the Medway Towns– so long as your victim is a smoker, that is.

Now, I’m not saying that Medway was a nice place to live even before this outrage, we’ve got all the aforementioned chavs, winos, thugs and moody-looking foreigners (plus some who, Power Ranger style combine the attributes of all four) plus plenty of Plastic Plod of many varieties, CCTV (fixed and mobile), crime, junkies, beggars- all the components in fact, of modern life. Plus everything, even new stuff, looks grimy and run-down. Until now though, the war on the smoking and drinking communities 😉 😉 have been relatively minor, so long as you don’t drop your butt or guzzle your Stella in the High Streets you’re pretty much ok to do what you like.

I never thought I’d see the day when we were host to a pilot scheme of state-sanctioned violence against undesirables. Naive I suppose. There’s plenty here: Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Tables Turned

Here is a member of the public filming one of Medway Council’s spy car operators.
He doesn’t like being filmed, claims it isn’t allowed(!) and begins to call the police…

I can sort of understand his concerns, after all, here he is, just doing his job driving around the Medway Towns on a huge full-time fishing expedition, filming members of the public at will when a mere prole has the audacity to capture his untouchable boat-race! Must have been quite a shock for him…
(Full story here)

It’s quite well documented that the State just loves to film and photograph us, while agents of the State hate nothing more, but it’s wonderful to see the people actually operating the police state spy equipment getting so hot under the collar up close and personal. Hats off to Mr. Khan.

In case either of my readers don’t have a spy car in their local area, here’s an image:

(Links to a Labour blogger with a bee in his bonnet about the CCTV car.)