The Scottish city of Glasgow has won a £24 million grant from the UK’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB) to become Britain’s first “smart city”.

The money will be spent by the council on services for residents that will make the quality of living in the city better. Glasgow beat 30 other UK cities to the prize.

Projects on the table include real-time traffic information, apps to check when buses and trains are arriving, and a pothole reporting service. Facial analysis for the city’s CCTV network and energy use monitoring to make electricity and gas delivery more efficient are also mooted.

“Glasgow has some quite extreme challenges – it has the lowest life expectancy of any city in the UK for instance – and the hope is that if we bring together energy, transport, public safety and health it will make it more efficient and a better place to live,” Scott Cain, the TSB’s project leader for Future Cities, told the BBC.

Spot the scary part?

Facial analysis for the city’s CCTV network and energy use monitoring to make electricity and gas delivery more efficient are also mooted.



Is This Why The Police Held Back?


Never let a crisis go to waste, after all. Let’s face it, tighter internet regulation is something every government wants and an excuse like the Capital in flames doesn’t come along every day.
We could also point out (and many have) that the Police are very good at getting tough on drunks and students, but chicken out when it comes to actual criminals- they do it every day so when the criminal element is out en masse it is hardly surprising… however, rumours abound on the -shall we say- less reputable websites that the Met were ordered to hold back.
More on the civil disorder from me later, when I’ve organised my thoughts.

Dangerous Thinking #2

Ok, so now to deal with the train of thought that led to my last post.

I used to be a Stalinist. Have I mentioned that before? I believe so. Not in the way that we on the non-left usually mean -some poor deluded fool who doesn’t really appreciate the ramifications of what they think- but a proper, considered, Stalin-was-right-all-along-and-here’s-why Stalinist.

I arrived there from the best intentions, as most socialists probably do, wanting the best for people. A wouldn’t-it-be-lovely school of socialism, if you like… the magical end-stage of communism (that has mysteriously never ever been achieved would be lovely… but people naturally stop it from working… so therefore they should be forced along the way! After all, once the magical land is achieved all resistance will disappear, and those that fight are holding up the rest of humanity!! Surely a few years out of the way mining salt is nothing compared to a crime of that magnitude! Looking around me, I could see that many, many people made poor decisions… there are lots and lots of stupid people who can’t run their own lives, and so naturally I was of the opinion that wise people should run the lives of stupid ones, for the sake of the happiness of everyone.

In short, I fell into an intellectual trap. Socialism of the wouldn’t-it-be-lovely variety is the preserve of idealistic youth, and such I was. As cynicism sets in, aided not only by historical examples like the Soviet experiment but by the constant parade of the feckless on television and in daily life it is easy to have such a poor view of the common man that one can start to believe all kinds of crazy, extreme things. Eventually of course, just as travelling far enough west will land you in the east, I came far around and back to the idea that people are best left alone, and piling government upon government is never going to lead to paradise.

The key here though, is that I was led up the garden path because of a faulty view of people. The nation is truly full of reckless and irresponsible people but this does not mean that people are naturally reckless and irresponsible. We’d never have gotten past the hitting tigers with sticks stage otherwise! An excess of government has created a situation where people are not merely shielded from the worst consequences of their lack of responsibility but in many cases are actually rewarded for it. People, while not naturally selfish, greedy and workshy have nevertheless been trained to be so. Whether it’s the third-generation baby-benefits mother, or the well-to-do young man who walks straight past the homeless guy or the old lady getting mugged because “the government” (not him!!) “should do something about it” society has been destroyed, and grasping, greedy, fearful individuals have been set in its place. The effects of this are there for all to see but unless you venture away from what you are taught at school and what you read in the papers you could easily believe that far from being the cause, more welfare, more police and above all more State are the cure. Every time a child born of welfare parents (little more than overgrown children themselves) dies from neglect we are told that we need more welfare, more social workers and more State. Whenever the so-called feral youth torment an old dear to the point of suicide the faces on the news demand that things be done, and we get community wardens and ASBOs.

Strangely, though, how ever many new behaviour-improving measures are brought in, the situation never seems to improve. Whether this was deliberate from the start or whether -like my own journey- the Welfare State was started with the best of intentions until cynicism set in I will leave up to the reader to decide, but it must be apparent that a vicious (or virtuous, depending where one stands) is now in place where every further outrage born of the society socialism has made leads to more socialism.

Dangerous Thinking

Steve Shark and Leg Iron are seduced by the dark side. Well, sort of. The idea that the permanently workshy will be forced to work sounds good, at first. Indeed, for those of us of a certain frame of mind, it’s almost too good to be true. Remember what they always say on those confidence trickster television programmes? If something seems to good to be true, it probably is.

It sounds a lovely idea. We’re paying for the unemployed anyway, so we might as well pay them to do something useful. In fact, it might even do them some good. Yes, that’s it! We can use the government to improve people! After all, we’ve been paying for them all these years, and if we can just force them to become working, taxpaying individuals, give them a good start, something to put on their reference, after all, it’s not really their fault…

Sounding familiar?

It’s a scam. It’s slave labour mixed with “public works schemes” dressed up to appeal to the non-left. Seriously, these poor slaves will largely never still never escape the benefits trap. At least, not the ones who have never worked, or not worked for decades. Vast pools of slave labour tend to depress wages, so the likelihood of benefit slavery being a stepping-stone to an unskilled job that pays enough to replace the low-cash but housing-etc-rolled-in indentured labour scheme is low. The benefits trap is just that -a trap- and that is unlikely to change, save for the fact that those within it will now be slaves. The State won’t let those slaves go that easily.

What do you suppose the life chances of free unskilled labour are in places where slavery exists? Who is going to pay you when they can get slave labour for free? So all these dole-scroungers get forced to pick up litter. What do you suppose happens to people who currently work for Cleanaway or SITA? You can earn quite good money emptying dustbins or sweeping the streets, and provided you don’t mind being up early and out in all weather you don’t even have to be the full shilling. What do you suppose will happen to those people once the councils realise they can cancel the contracts and get the unemployed to do the work? On the dole with you! Out to sweep the streets for free, slave, and lose your house and stay in this dodgy council-approved bedsit to boot! Oh, and we’ll probably take your kids into care to be fiddled and buggered and moulded into the next generation of government lackeys too, since you AND your wife now have to go to work at 6am and can’t get them to school…

No, I can’t support this. What we have now is broken, bloated and definitely unsustainable, but this alternative has the potential, nay, likelihood of growing into something much much worse. A Trojan Horse smuggling in a massive increase in the power and scope of the government under a banner of reducing the welfare state.

Charlie-Foxtrot or Conspiracy?

Having read this account of a conversation with a “senior member of the Conservative Party” by Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance I’m now reconsidering some of what I had suspected was going on behind the scenes.

I have been coming to the conclusion for a while now (in fact I implied back at the time of the European Elections) that the BNP were getting a ‘push’ from unseen agents towards electoral success. I believed (and still suspect) that this push was coming from within the Labour Party and elements of the media, especially the BBC. Certainly, the BNP have more in common with Old Labour policies than they have differences, the racist elements of their policy are being downplayed to the level the dog-whistle and the anti-immigration stance has become more anti-cheap foreign labour than anti-darkie. In short, the BNP have been re-packaged to appeal to Labour’s traditional core vote.

A vote that Brown’s Labour seem determined to lose. This is assumed quite widely to be a mistake on Labour’s part, a product of chasing the middle class vote in the marginals and campaign by focus group. While this is possible it would take huge levels of both arrogance and stupidity on the Labour leadership’s part to simply take their core votes for granted- fine if there were no alternative for a working class still remembering how their grandfather’s were thrown to the dogs during the Thatcher years and thus with an almost genetic reluctance to vote Conservative, but there is an alternative and one that is gaining support. Arrogance I can believe in but getting yourself to the top of a major political party is not something one would expect an intellectually challenged person to be able to achieve.

Certainly, events such as the debacle in Rochdale last week suddenly look very different when looked at from a point of view that assumes an orchestrated attempt to push voters into the embrace of Mr. Griffin.
Means and opportunity we have, the only thing I cannot fathom is motive. Or rather, I can make several wild guesses (but will refrain for now) but that is all I have: speculation.

Sean Gabb’s post puts a different spin on the matter though, as it puts elements within the Conservative party in the frame. One reading of his conversation simply posits the BNP as a useful catspaw for a hidden Conservative agenda, being considered to accomplish aims that the Conservative Party could not -for whatever reason- accomplish themselves. Another, more paranoid reading could suggest that there are elements within the Conservative Party who are also interested in pushing the BNP to the fore, again for reasons I could only speculate on. Both readings would sit well with ‘XYZ’s reasons for the Conservatives moving closer both to the centre and the Politically Correct Green/Righteous. If, however, the paranoid/tin-foil cap reading is correct (and various tin-foily-type musings have been proved correct in the end, don’t forget. Just because something is espoused by loonies doesn’t mean it isn’t true) then elements within both the governing party and the opposition are working together to manipulate the public into voting for an extremist party. This isn’t that great a leap from the blogposts I read on an almost daily basis referring to the ‘Tory and Labour wings of the Social Democratic Party’ and so on. If we can accept that, well…

Or, the Labour Party are arrogant and stupid and the Conservatives are taking a risky, risky gamble with their electoral future.

Return Of The Eugenicist

Charity Project Prevention have set up in the UK, bringing their policy of paying drug addicts to be sterilised. This is, of course, eugenics although given a faint sheen of charitable respectability and a big dose of Thinkofthechildrenism.

The BBC report was full of “they shouldn’t be allowed to have children”-type quotes so this is obviously an emotive subject, especially using the twin Daily Mail attack dogs of dirty druggies and poor babies and is likely to gain some traction.

However, once the policy of sterilising one section of society is accepted, it will not be that much of a stretch to extend it to other undesirables. Will drinkers, smokers, the disabled, certain ethnic groups (I can see some vocal sections of the public endorsing a similar scheme for gypsies, certainly) and common criminals be next?

Jamie Oliver Has Got To Go

Apologies in advance, there may be a little swearing in this post. I’ve had a bad couple of days and this cunt has REALLY caught my ire!

As if it’s not bad enough that the so-called celebrity chef appeared on our screens manufacturing consent for a low-calorie ‘diet’ for the kids in our-state run indoctrination education establishments, in order to keep them docile and within state-approved rations guidelines, and as if it wasn’t enough that he’s recently been poncing around the US giving our already much-maligned nation a bad name, establishment-lackey Jamie Oliver has now decided to weigh in on the (non-) issue of the moment: binge drinking.

Their/There/They're- It's not rocket science.

Apart from the fact that binge-drinkers pay more tax than teetotallers (because of the excessive alcohol duty), and in fact quite apart from the complete wrongheadedness of EVERYTHING the bag-faced pillock says… just who the hell does he think he is?

Actually, no. Backtrack a little. Let’s not ‘quite apart from-‘ let’s look at what he said.

‘We must start fining these idiot weekend yobbo binge drinkers for their cost to the UK NHS, then spend the money on people that really need help… We can’t afford fixing drunks. People in need have no choice; weekend drunks have a choice.’

AND he's ugly.

Weekend drunks are PAYING for the NHS, arsehole. Same as you, same as me, same as everybody. It’s not the drunks littering the casualty ward on a friday night that are wasting all the cash, its the thousands of Righteous Five-A-Day Consultants and Tick-Box-Counters and Smoking-Cessation-Outreach-Coordinators pushing the same fucking agenda as you, you utter UTTER wanker. You’re supposed to be a bloody chef so do some fucking cooking and shut the fuck up, for Christ’s sake.

Oh! Oh! And lay off the obese too. Don’t you think they pay tax? They are forced -at the barrel of a gun- to pay into a ponzi health ‘insurance’ scheme for which they get medical cover. Same as you, same as those with ‘genuine’ illnesses. Ah, wait a minute… a bit off message there aren’t you?

“Brother, now you are talking. For many it’s an addiction and yes drunks can be as well, I know.”

Isn’t addiction supposed to be an illness? You better watch it “mate,” go off message much more and you’ll be for a “walk in the woods.” You’re in bed with some nasty people, who don’t like it when their pets don’t toe the line.

Isn’t it funny, just when the (non-) increase in alcohol consumption and the obesity epidemic are on the agenda again -not that they ever went away- Oliver feels he has to weigh in, with his cheeky-chappie-I’m-your-mate-mate-you-can-trust-me-mate-just-stick-a-bit-of-rocket-on-it-lovely-mate ‘charm.’

Not that I’m suggesting he’s bought-and-paid for, or anything.


I mean, really, can’t something be done about him?