The BBC is reporting this morning that the Government have promised not to re-assess the bands for the “Council” Tax (not a tax on councils) until after the election, which will in effect be a tax rise. Fair do’s you may think.
However they are reporting that some households may “save” hundreds of Pounds. Save?? Really?
So I suppose if a mugger demands 50 pounds and then says “well, I did want 60 pounds but I’ll come back for that another time” then I’ve “saved” a tenner?


You Are Stupid

You just can’t be trusted, can you? I mean, when people realise that something isn’t compulsory -even if it’s for their own good!- some of them just won’t do it. The law must be changed to force them to act in their own best interest, that’s what the law’s for!

This is the story on Comrade Beeb this morning. Apparently, since the advent of the road-legal quad bike, riders have realised they are not required to wear a helmet and -shock! horror!- some of them have chosen not to. Cue lengthy segment with free advert for a ‘quad bike safety centre’ (complete with riders riding slowly, in circles in the background wearing helmets and a very attractive, visibly upset young lady in a mini-dress leaving flowers at the scene where her brother would definitely have survived his head on collision with a Land Rover (!) if only he’d a helmet on. Oh, and don’t forget the obligatory Daft Lads Who Don’t Wear Helmets admitting they just don’t wear them because it “looks cool.” Powerful stuff.

So who is it that doesn’t trust YOU, Stupid Citizen, to make a rational decision about your own (nobody elses) safety, and wants to force you at gunpoint to make the correct choice? It’s our old friend: ‘Doctors.’ You know, the guys who used to get paid to fix you when you break down, got sick or had an accident but who have long since stopped regarding you as a customer and now regard you as a ‘drain’ on ‘their resouces’ (YOUR resources. YOU paid for them) and thus have a divine right to interfere in YOUR LIFE to ‘prevent poor health outcomes’ i.e. to stop YOUR money being diverted away from golf clubs and brandy.

You are stupid. You can’t be trusted to make the right choice. Listen to us, it’s for your own good. We are the State. You will be assimilated.


The British People?

Seeing this morning that the ASA has banned a Tesco advert promising ‘fresh baked bread from scratch’ in its stores my initial thought was “fair enough,” but when I read further down the page this statement from the “Real Bread Campaign working party Chairman” Iain Loe:

We believe that this ruling sends an important message to unscrupulous advertisers: if you plan to hide or distort the facts in an attempt to draw customers away from small, independent bakeries that make an honest living baking honest loaves, the people of Britain won’t stand for it.’

The “People of Britain? Really? It seems to me that if this were true there would be no need for a “Real Bread Campaign” (as opposed to the imaginary bread, presumably phase-shifted 90° onto the j axis, foisted on us by eeevil corporations)  as the Great British Public would already be buying all their bread from little (real) bakeries.

Incidentally, the Campaign For Real Bread or whatever it’s called is part of Sustain , a charity with many branches devoted to global warming, organic food and other right-on causes.


Only a few weeks after Derek Bird, and there’s another crazed gunman on the loose. This time, however, the talking heads are strangely silent on the subject of the gun laws, presumably because -unlike Bird- Raoul Moat is a convicted criminal and therefore forbidden from owning a firearm altogether. That’s alright then…

Oh no, wait a minute! HE’S A DANGEROUS CRIMINAL AND COULDN’T GIVE A STUFF WHETHER HE’S ALLOWED A GUN OR NOT! In fact, the law didn’t stop him so much that he aquired weaponry in a very short time after being released from prison!

Oops. The people who didn’t have guns -who were also forbidden from having them- his ex-girlfriend, her new fella, a couple of coppers: remind me what happened to them again? Not to mention the poor, disarmed folk of Rothbury, quaking under their beds completely at the mercy of the homicidal maniac on the loose in their vicinity.

The gun laws need repealing now. When guns are outlawed… well, you know the rest.

Feeling The Pinch?

Sometimes, even though I don’t feel like I’m paying attention, something completely incongruous will happen and I’ll sit bolt upright, ears twitching and tail flicking to and fro. This happened this morning while watching a BBC Breakfast programme full of news of cuts, austerity, poor little kiddies who may not a shiny new school now, vague predictions of riots and unemployment.

A chilling picture, followed by the startling revelation that the “number of marrying couples hiring choreographers for their first dance has risen by 30%.” (Sorry, can’t find a link yet.)

Doesn’t quite seem to fit somehow.

Oh, Dick. Oh!

One half of Dick Cleggerton was on BBC Breakfast this morning attempting to hype up their Great Repeal Bill and it’s associated website. All was going swimmingly until Bill Turnbull asked him:
“So if everybody said for example, ‘get out of Europe,’ the Government would have to do it, right?”
Dick’s answer? “No.”

So what exactly is the point? Apart from the fact that some of the public clearly don’t understand the concept of reducing regulation, so brainwashed are they by the steady drip-drip of increasing State interference (one respondent wanted to get rid of football!) the government have just flat-out admitted on national television they will ignore any suggestions they don’t approve of, so you can forget suggesting they repeal the firearms acts, the European Communities Act or the smoking ban. The concessions you might get included something about grey squirrels and assorted other unimportant things. Oh, and he managed to squeeze in that the Bill was important to “send a message” too.

Now where have we heard those words before?


I’ve just watched a sofafull of people on This Morning discussing the latest lunacy coming from the EU: Eggs being sold by weight, not number (attacked excellently here by DK) and something I’ve noticed before hit home even harder. They wail and moan, they gnash their teeth, they ask “who are these people?” who have “just slipped this through” and while they are seemingly content to endlessly whine on and on about how much it will cost and how stupid and pointless the whole exercise is (it`s NOT pointless- the point is control) but they one thing they will NEVER say is that all of this could be ended by leaving the EU. So I’m going to say it for them.


The way that our treasonous membership of this international organisation is constantly presented by the talking heads as a fait accompli is one of the reasons it is such a fait accompli and all the while it is presented as a legitimate part of life that just has the “wrong people” in charge I am afraid that nothing will improve. After all, our New Coalition Overlords (well, half of them at least) promised to be Tough On Europe, right? So we don’t need to leave…