The Tenacity of Life


This little bird can’t fly. He’s been living in the access road and goods in area at work since the spring, when we first noticed him as a fledgling, hopping around without any tail feathers.
I’d assumed that he’d died, but he reappeared today. He’s obviously been managing to find food the whole time, dodging lorries and forklifts (he’s completely unafraid of the latter) and generally hanging in there despite his major disability.

There’s a feelgood story for your Sunday!



While I suppose I should be gettin all huffy about the EU, trade tariffs and so on:

(Reuters) – Nordic customs officials have arrested a truck driver after he tried to illegally import 28 tons of Chinese garlic into the European Union The driver was intercepted last month as he drove the pungent truckload from Norway, which is outside the EU and where garlic is exempt from customs’ duties, into Sweden where garlic is subject to a 9.6 percent EU- wide duty Smuggling of cheaply produced Chinese garlic nto the EU is on the rise, with around 1,200 tons brought into the 27-nation bloc via Norway since 2009, according to the European Anti-Fraud Office, known as OLAF.”

I can’t help but giggle at Scandinavian customs officers working for an agency called OLAF.


Gotta Love Them Japanese

May Day protests in Greece turned violent yesterday as youths in gas masks and hoods set fire to vehicles, smashed shop fronts and threw molotov cocktails and rocks at police in an explosion of fury over austerity measures they claim will hurt only the poor…

Japanese tourists stood taking photographs of the mayhem with mobile phones before being forced to retreat, coughing and sneezing, under a cloud of tear gas.

From the Times, via and Samizdata.