People Power


Fucking love these guys.
I’ve seen them a few times but this is the first time I’ve been close enough to take a snap. Last time they had a huge banner!
In case you haven’t gathered, they are a group of bikers who follow Medway Council’s cctv car around with high-vis jackets and signs to alert people to it’s presence, negating it’s stealth-fine-issuing purpose. Fantastic.
I wonder how long before they get prosecuted on some trumped-up charge?


I’m distraught. People at work started receiving the jokes before 8 o’clock, but I didn’t receive my first until 10:07, and then it was this obvious one:

Michael jackson managed to whisper a brief message to paramedics on his way to hospital: “put me on the children’s ward”

Very disappointing. I received others, but nothing to compare to this from TDM:

Uri Geller, Jackson’s friend and now acting King of the Freaks, said: “I feel so desperately sorry for all the freaks today. He was their Diana, their Elvis, their Mother Theresa and their Jade Goody all rolled into one. Which is actually what he looked like too. Check out this spoon.”

And for the record, the first time I heard “everyone will remember where they were when..” it was said by Jesse Jackson.