Official: Your Life Worth Less

Today, interior minister May announced that anyone convicted of killing one of the state’s paramilitaries will get an automatic life sentence.
But only those killing agents of the state. If the cattle get killed, then the same derisory sentences apply. That’s you, me or your dear old mum. A stark illustration of the contempt these people hold us in, and they care so little that they just say it out loud.
Some people will probably even applaud the announcement. Why isn’t there an outcry?!


3 responses to “Official: Your Life Worth Less

  1. And what about the countless deaths caused by the paramilitaries actions and not one has ever been charged . I think the statement was worded wrong .

  2. WE seem to revere “policemen” for some reason.

    If I had been born in, say, 1952, as indeed I was, then “the Policeman is your friend”. We were told this as little children, and indeed, policemen were friendly moustachioed ex-WW1-soldiers, mostly. They cycled about in a stately way, smiling at people and nicking villains by the collar.

    The imagery is heavily-played-upon, still today, by the Political EnemyClass – even though it deliberately recruits “the police” from wall-eyed goons with no feelings, hearts, or brains. It can therefore arm them safely, to fire upon us without reference to any sort of moral frame-of-reference.

    An Army would never behave like that towards its own people – nor accept orders so to do.

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