Workplace schemes “in chaos” I must admit that I’m on two minds about this scheme. On the one hand, as a taxpayer I’m in favour of the people I am funding the so-called safety-net for actually, you know, looking for work as opposed to the Jeremy Kyle And Special Brew option. In fact, I’m not even entirely opposed to those reticent safety-netees being forced to look for work, or forced to attend workplace schemes to make them more attractive to employers I’m also well aware that these schemes, well managed, can do a lot of good. The corner of Big Retail that I inhabit has had a constant supply of them since they started ruinning the scheme and quite a few have been given permanent jobs as a result, In fact, at our branch it has become almost a de facto recruitment process, allowing the store to take on people we’ve seen in action rather than who can bullshit best in an interview and giving employment opportunities to those who may, you know, be quite good at working in a shop, but not terribly good at bullshitting their way through interviews. On the other hand, It’s corporatism pure and simple isn’t it. I haven’t heard of much work-placement free labour being sent to sole traders and corner shops, the captive forced labour pool (and it IS forced labour, no matter what they claim) is at the disposal of Big Retail, Big Distribution and Big Whatever Else. It’s another government subsidy for big business.


2 responses to “Workplace schemes “in chaos”

  1. But it is really only ‘big business’ that can afford to take on a potentially lazy, work-shy fucktard with the hope of turning them around…

    I used to employ 50 people in the electronics industry. We certainly didn’t have the spare capacity to take on people that didn’t really want to be there…

  2. The taxpayer should not fund big business, if they need someone to do a job,pay them a wage. That is what gets people off the dole/social funding register. The tax payer funding slavery for companies making millions is a disgrace. It is the parasitic banks and the profit enhancing corporations that have grown up around them, bail out bail out bail out, that are cocking things up for the people. Doleites spongers, work shy, its propaganda, don`t take your eye off the ball. Dole, social security and job seekers allowance or the like, costs, are chicken feed to the bailout money paid to the banksters.

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