A Return?

You know, Even though I don’t really post on here anymore, I still quite often see something,  or hear something, or even think about something that gives me the urge to write, even if nobody reads it. The trouble is, the laptop takes forever to boot (well, not forever by c64 standards,  but still) and a mobile phone is just, well,  awkward. You wouldn’t believe how many drafts I have in my draft folder that I never finished, because typing on a phone is awkward and I lose the flow.
And it’s no good turning the laptop on, because by the time it’s booted a
and I’ve fired up Blogilo I lose my thread and just abandon the post anyway.

So I may have a solution:

Small, neat, portable. Quite easy to type on (once you get used to it) and fairly cheap. From Amazon.  To follow, an MHL cable and a Bluetooth mouse so I can run the phone through the telly but that’s more for YouTube and Netflix. From blogging I have now an inexpensive (and more importantly always on) laptop or netbook that I can just whip out and type PROPERLY whenever the feeling takes me. Will it help me post more often? Only time will tell…


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