Compare and Contrast:

Actually, that was a bit of a trick question. The first video is from the Virtual Business School, the second is from hacktivist collective ‘Anonymous’, and yet… both have the same message, both are aimed at the same people. One is a learning tool and one is a threat but the message of both is the same. The world has changed and there is no going back.

I had the privilege of seeing Professor Obeng (the man behind the first video) speak the last week, and he showed us that video on a big screen. Aside from being a very energetic and engaging speaker he also has a message that makes absolute sense. People are more interconnected now -they talk more now– than at any other time in history and organisations that don’t adapt to this new reality -be they corporations, governments or anything else- are doomed. Smart businesses are harnessing this phenomenon, encouraging networking among their front line staff, crowdsourcing decisions amongst the people who will be implementing them and finding innovative solutions from nets cast as wide as possible -making the most of their talent and engaging their staff at the same time.

The old command-and-control model is dead, and, barring a worldwide disaster (not necessarily natural) that shuts down the internet, it’s going to stay that way. Which is where we come to the paradox of the title. Sure, we, the freedom lovers use and have been using this new reality to chat, to organise, to meet up and achieve real things in the real world so have the enemies of freedom- the lefties, the groupthinkers, the big corporatist little cogs and useful idiots and sometimes it even looks hopeless. They are too many, too ideologically similar, too on-message but even as they use the electronic ties that unbind they are sowing the seeds of their own destruction, for they are popularising the very tools that make it impossible for their message to be the only message now and forevermore which is absolutely necessary for their system to survive.

Man is finally free, and by Christ he’s starting to realise it. The next few decades are going to be interesting indeed.



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