Galaxy Nexus

I finally took delivery of my smoking hot Galaxy Nexus the other day.
It’s lovely. Once again, I can’t fault Vodafone. Well, the store division, anyway. The online order was placed before Christmas and I received nothing but emails and texts, but once I went into the store and explained how long I’d been waiting they cancelled the online contract and set up a new one in store and I walked away with my new phone the same day. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.
I was a little disconcerted to find that Google have disabled USB mass storage in favour of MTP (there are reasons for this, good ones) and as Linux has a little problem with MTP (well, it’s not easy to set up in Fedora (which is on this laptop and used most often) although apparently easier to do in Ubuntu with everything you need in the repos so I ended up transferring my files from the old phone to the Nexus using this method:

High Technology?

Fantastic. ADB you save my arse yet again, although the irony of having to use the command line to sync files to one of the most technologically advanced telephones in the world is not lost on me. Still, I guess most people would be using a Windoze 7 pc which understands MTP straight out of the box, and not need the Cli.

On the other hand rooting was as easy as pie, a simple “fastboot oem unlock” and flash an insecure boot image and install the superuser binary, took about five minutes. Swings and roundabouts I guess.


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