Poisoning The Well

Just a quickie, as I’m actually building up to a post about Stephen Lawrence (seeing as it’s Racism Week) so I’ll be brief…

OH has a post up about HS2 in which he says:

If business wants a high speed rail network, business knows what it has to do. Raise the capital and build one – build it and they will come. But no, our glorious politicians are FAR too interested in the glory of the State for national infrastructure to be left to people who actually have money to risk

It strikes me that this will never happen, so long as the State is involved. Business may well know that they need a High Speed Rail service across the country, but they simply will never ever build one. Why? It has been pretty obvious since HS1 was mooted that eventually these lines would be built (at taxpayer’s expense) across the country so why bother? Why risk the capital when you can get the cow for free? /metaphormix

Of course, it will be cocked up. If HS1 is anything to go buy, it will be a ghost train, visiting ghost stations as it will be far too expensive for the majority of people to use on anything but the most splendid of occasions (or people being sent by work, on expenses, in which case it would still be cheaper to send them by car. Hell, I’VE been on HS1 on expenses and it would have been cheaper for work to send me by bus and pay the overtime. Or by DHL, come to that) especially as they have ALREADY PAID for the bloody thing. As a government vanity project subsidised by our bottomless (ha!) pockets there will be no incentive to cut prices to make more money through higher use (or cut costs through efficiencies in building and operating it) as there would be in the private sector.

Instead of a useful piece of infrastructure built by entrepreneurs we will get another expensive Blue Elephant. And Yesterday Cameron was taking on ‘Crony Capitalism???’ Don’t make me LAUGH.


One response to “Poisoning The Well

  1. Ooh a big shiny project will make it all right and we can smarm about cutting ribbons and talking aspirational….. with other folks money.

    Meanwhile – the state of the tracks on parts of the existing network is appalling – some sections in the SW are like moto-X courses, non hub stations are dilapidated, ticket prices are skyrocketing and compared to Europe services are utterly kerrapp.

    Why don’t “they” just sell the whole lot to the French/Dutch/Germans for 1p and kill themselves?

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