Advertising Adjustment

Well, yesterday Facebook was full of people shrieking that Christmas was on the way (the apparently agreed tidemark being the Christmas Coca-Cola advert) but I was taken with quite another advertisement, this one for tyres (I forget the brand).

"Remember when you thought you didn’t need a different set of tyres for the winter? Well, maybe the last few winters have made you think again…"

The wheels seem to be coming off (boom-boom!) the whole global warming thing, slowly but surely. You didn’t expect a big announcement did you? Of course not, but the signs are there. Hard, icy winters are expected to be the norm by pretty much everybody for a good few years, and people are taking the opportunity to sell you stuff. The DIY stores no longer try to sell you solar panels but instead go overboard with cheap (that’s taxpayer-funded) loft insulation "to save you carbon" on the massive amount of heating you will need in the winter and of course your fuel bills (massive fraud, by the way. You pay huge amounts of tax on your fuel and then they use the money to sell you insulation you already paid for to save you money on your heavily-taxed… you get the idea. THAT’S corporatism in action) which is also a tacit acceptance that it’s going to be getting a little chilly around here.

The market never lies.


2 responses to “Advertising Adjustment

  1. If you do go over to winter tyres make sure you inform your insurance company, failure to do so may invalidate your cover.

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