"The distinction between natural and artificial is an artificial distinction."

I forget who said that, possibly Benjamin Hoff, but equally possibly someone else. I’m firmly of the opinion than Man would be a lot happier on this planet if he somehow stopped thinking of himself as being somehow seperate from nature. I’ve been a Taoist for a long time now, since I read The Tao Of Pooh in my teens, actually, and it has no doubt had some effect on my ending up as an anarchist. This post was inspired by Mark Wadsworth‘s comment on this post at Obnoxio’s place:

Agreed. This island could easily cope with a population of a couple of hundred million, we’d just have to organise ourselves properly.

Which is probably true, but what if we didn’t? I don’t believe there is any need to ‘control ourselves properly,’ not actively in any case, or to be more precise to submit a couple of hundred million people to control by a few hundred or thousand in order to manage the food and space and presumably universal healthcare and welfare needs of them all. Nature, and by that I mean the decisions made by several billion organisms seeking survival and then comfort en masse, would do all the controlling necessary. Granted, the population of Britain probably wouldn’t reach several hundred million, but that’s actually the point. Several hundred million people probably wouldn’t want to live here all at once, for a start. People that were here and didn’t like it would leave, and people that were thinking of coming would probably revise their plans and go somewhere less crowded. If the society was working well at that high a population figure then all well and good, but if there were a large number of poor, starving people then nature would once again step in, as various pathogens, scavenger animals and opportunist vermin bred to uncontrollable levels and cut the human population through disease. If the island was stuffed with hard-working, dilligent people creating wealth and producing goods and services that people elsewhere wanted to buy then it wouldn’t matter if every inch of Britain was stuffed with high-rise apartment buildings and offices (and factories- remember Beneath A Steel Sky? (Play it! It’s freeware!)) as we could buy in enough food and pay people to take away our waste… In all likelihood some balance of these scenarios would be in existence.

As Hoppe is fond of saying, arguments against immigrants overloading the welfare system (or welching off hard working Brits/Americans/Germans) are properly arguments againsat the welfare system. With no welfare system and no border controls (and no minimum wage, natch) the population of Britain would regulate itself.

I was going to put in lots more examples and so on, but I’m sure you get the drift. Well, you beter be. I’m off to download SCUMMVM.rpm and play Monkey Island.

I love stumbling on things while looking for other things. I guess the Amiga can go back up into Mum’s loft ;0)


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