The Language Of Tyranny

Argh, is probably the best word. In between playing Command Crisis and watching “9” today I have been keeping an eye on Sky News, and one of the recurring headlines has been the The Lib Dumb Conference. The language used by both the shower of shite on the stage has been stimulating intellectually, as well as provoking howls of rage from deep within.

Number One. – What “they” owe.

In a speech at the party’s Birmingham conference, Mr Alexander said: “My message to the small minority who don’t pay what they owe is simple.

Nobody actually “owes” the Exchequer anything, except the variously bailed-out banks, who actually vicariously owe you and me, the taxpayers. The money that people earn, even “the rich,” , isn’t actually owed to anybody -least of all the government- unless they have borrowed it. People don’t owe just by virtue of having earned, and to suppose that they do is actually well on the road to believing that all money is rightfully the property of the state, who will decide what pocket money we are allowed to have. It’s not just a nonsense, it’s tyrannical.

Number Two. – “Fair”

“I agree with the Chancellor – we will find you and your money and you will pay your fair share.” (Still Mr. Alexander)

Strictly speaking, if taxes were to be a “fair share” then 1/60,000,000th of the costs of the government is correct. Even with a flat tax higher earners would be paying more than their “fair share” and going as far as the “Lib” Dems propose is actually about as far from “fair” as you could get, as well as being counterproductive.

Number Three – Many a true word.

So, well done – you all got past security clearance!

Incidentally I’m very grateful to the police, they’ve now provided me with all the detailed personal information on party members that I need in order to conduct a Stalinist purge.

Basically anyone who actually passed security clearance without sign of being a subversive will be erased. (Tim Farron’s Speech)

Very poor taste, considering that they are allegedly a Liberal party, but also quite illuminating of these people’s mindset.

Number Four – Tax Avoidance is WRONG

The super rich don’t need to go down Ealing high street nicking tellies in order to demonstrate their contempt for society. They demonstrate their contempt by not paying taxes. (Tim Farron again)

Not content only with conflating tax avoidance and tax evasion, now apparently tax avoidance is akin to looting televisions! Ayn Rand must be rolling in her grave.

Number Five – All your child are belong to us

Extra individual tuition

Parent support advisors.

Out of school clubs. (Sara Teather’s Speech)

Doubling the amount of cash (cash we don’t have) available to further interfere in family life and take children away from the family home for more hours each day. Reducing further the responsibility parents have for their children. Because that’s worked so well already.

I could go on, but I feel sick…


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