#Riots – The Best Of Times, and The Worst Of Times

Well, now the disorder seems to be over for now, and I’ve had a chance to organise my thoughts it is time to put electron to transistor and broadcast them, such as they are, to the rapt gazes of both my readers.

Without dwelling too much, it is pretty obvious that last week’s events are one of the end-results of socialism. The Third Class rose up and bit the hand that feeds them, leaving death, destruction and mess in their wake. We saw scenes normally only found in motion pictures on the evening news and for a couple of days it almost seemed like the end was nigh. Indeed, without a serious scaling back of the creed that dominates our public ‘servants” beliefs such scenes are likely to happen again, and more often, and probably in a catastrophic fashion once the money finally runs out. This much should be obvious, and if it isn’t then frankly you are part of the problem and should not concern yourself with reading any further.

Being Themselves, With The Volume Turned Way Up

Still here? Good. Ok, so the looters have burned themselves out. The Met has flooded the streets of London with very tired coppers from all over the country, and decent people affected have started to count the cost and grieve their dead while the oiks and the opportunists count the eBay cash flooding into their PayPal accounts. So what did we learn?

For one thing, we learned that for all its databases, surveillance cameras, ‘safety wardens’ and ‘intelligence-led policing’ the State itself is a paper tiger. In stark contrast to the efforts that even basket-cases like the Zimbabwean regime can muster -let alone States like Syria and Libya- the British State showed itself unable to prevail against a few thousand kids armed with nothing but smartphones and without any ideology whatsoever except a nihilistic desire to smash and grab. Although peaceful protestors and students get a full show of force, when things turn nasty the Police have shown themselves singularly incapable of positive action. Indeed, the stories of families having picnics being hassled by the law while drunks with staffs drink happily nearby were writ large, and in flames over that weekend. The State was forced to stand impotently by for three days and wait out the storm. Make no mistake: the Met was spent and could in no way have kept that police presence up for any protracted period. Had they the wherewithal to do so the rioters could have waited it out and carried on from where they left off- they may still do so. Faced with organised insurgents with an agenda, the sobering conclusion is that short of recalling the Army from abroad, the government would be held by the short-and-curlies. While we may argue until the cows come home whether the State is, in fact, the root cause of the riots and looting (it is), the vast majority of people must surely now be aware that the State cannot even fulfil the function it purports to do- namely to keep order within its boundaries and to keep the people that pay for it safe from harm. The germ must have been planted in many minds, this week, and at least in some the idea may grow that less State, not more, is the solution.

Turkish People Defending Themselves

Happily, we also learned some very good things about the nature of the British People. Old Holborn spent almost the entirety of the first night of the disturbance tweeting examples of people looking to themselves to protect their persons and property and that of their families and communities from the looters. By the second day stories were starting to percolate through the MSM (albeit predictably tarred with the vigilante misnomer) and before it was all over there were dozens and dozens of cases of the people, of all colours and creeds coming together to defend themselves. The police naturally didn’t like it, after all the State is not just about force, but monopoly of force and to suggest otherwise is ludicrous. The Police, unable to do the job would rather you got raped, murdered, stolen from and burned than defend yourself. In one particular case:

Ironically, it was an apparent attempt at community protection which ended in London’s only major confrontation with police overnight.

Around 100 local men in Eltham took to the streets, warning that they were willing to confront anyone planning to riot in the borough.

When challenged by the police and asked to go home, officers were pelted with bottles and cans. After a tense two-hour stand-off, the group eventually dispersed.

The British people are far from the cow-like supine consumers and infantile adults I read about in a lot of commentary. It seems, when the shit hits the fan the people of these cold, windy islands are just as stoic and just as ready to get the right fucking arse as their recent ancestors who are so often lamented. The national character, if such a thing can be said to exist, is still alive and kicking beneath the duvet ready to bare its fangs just as soon as the comfortable bedclothes are pulled off. Just imagine, thugs run unhindered in the streets and when your neigbourhood turns out the Old Bill finally manages to turn up and all they do is tell you to go home?

“`Oodoyafink yoo ARE, copper? Where was you LAST night?! We ain’t avin THAT! Get the bottles lads!”

If the events of last week showed how useless Westminster is, how impotent the State’s paramilitaries are and how fragile society can be when push comes to shove it also showed, in tragedy, just how strong the bonds that unite the law-abiding, working, business owning majority are. We’ve seen hairdressers, shopkeepers, residents, football fans, Sikhs, Turks, Moslems, the EDL and others turning out to do the job themselves, and doing it well. We’ve seen people reject the disarmament the State forces on them, grabbing golf clubs, cricket bats and hockey sticks and refusing to be the victims the State wants them to be. There is a cause for hope, a hope that, when the money finally runs out and the looting begins in earnest -this time out of desperation rather than for shits and giggles- the honest, hardworking people with something to lose in this place will be more than up to taking care of business.


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