Is This Why The Police Held Back?


Never let a crisis go to waste, after all. Let’s face it, tighter internet regulation is something every government wants and an excuse like the Capital in flames doesn’t come along every day.
We could also point out (and many have) that the Police are very good at getting tough on drunks and students, but chicken out when it comes to actual criminals- they do it every day so when the criminal element is out en masse it is hardly surprising… however, rumours abound on the -shall we say- less reputable websites that the Met were ordered to hold back.
More on the civil disorder from me later, when I’ve organised my thoughts.


One response to “Is This Why The Police Held Back?

  1. You know, it’s strange. When I first got involved in the blog scene there were lots of things I wanted to mention but didn’t, for that exact reason.
    These days people of high standing discuss issues I wouldn’t have touched with a bargepole three years ago, the idea that the authorities may look on and let something happen for political reasons being one of them. The bar for tinfoil-hat wearers has been significantly raised.

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