This Is How To Do It

I see this morning that Egypt has partially opened the border with Gaza.
With any luck, this could be a very good thing indeed. Without getting bogged down in the whole wider situation (where my views may well not tally with either of my readers) the people living in Gaza have effectively been in a very large open-air prison for the last few years. Opportunities for trade and entrepreneurship have been severely restricted keeping the people living their artificially poor. It’s no wonder that Hamas, effectively operating in the same conditions as a US prison gang have thrived and held onto power.

In a best case scenario, these tentative steps by Egypt will begin to allow Gazans to trade, to import raw materials and begin manufacturing, to start a service sector, a middle class… all the things city-dwellers in other parts of the world enjoy- better in fact, as Gaza’s “government” is mainly concerned with what Israel does and not with imposing miles and miles of red tape and regulation. As the Gazan economy grows, perpetual war with their neighbour should start to lose it’s appeal and eventually Israelis may even be importing Gazan goods- initially via Egypt but once this is commonplace and Gaza is independently wealthy and prosperous perhaps through normalized borders directly. Peace through free trade and prosperity!

Or the fanatics will just use it as an opportunity to get hold of more rockets and the Israeli fanatics will use that as an excuse to break out the bulldozers again.


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