I saw on the news this evening that Birmingham City Council have had their proposed cuts declared Unlawful in the High Court.

Good. (Waits for hushed gasps to settle)

Yes, I said it, this is good news. Bear with me here.

Remember that the Poll Tax Council Tax is capped by central government and cannot be increased (beyond 3.5% anyway, still too high IMO). Now that the judiciary have decided that councils cutting "front line services" like "providing care packages for about 4,000 adults whose needs are assessed as being substantial," especially in a judgement that is going to have "implications for local councils across the country" a lot of councils are going to suddenly find themselves in very dire financial straits. These are the agents that actually apply most of the freedom-busting ideas that float out of Brussels, via Westminster. The Smoking Inspectors, Recycling Coordinators and Five-A-Day-Cessation-Social advisors and the rest of it is all enforced by the local councils. Imposing "Cold Calling" zones and "No Drinking" zones and harrassing law-abiding people in the street. While centralisation is no good thing, that does not mean that local government is the friend of liberty.

The delicious bit is that the ever-expanding nanny state’s own centrepiece legislation, the Equality Act, is the basis for this ruling. Fantastic! Irony is even better than goldy or silvery, sometimes. So some people who could probably do with a bit of cash (possibly even the pensioners who actually paid already for the services the council wanted to cut that I saw on Five news) are going to benefit, and the local councils may actually have to cut some of the more excessively intrusive things they do instead of cutting where it shows and saving the bean-flickers counters. What’s not to like?

Is it possible the beast will eventually tie itself up in so much red tape that we can all be free?


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