It hardly seems like three months ago that I met Andrew Janes at what was going to be the first meeting of the LPUK in Medway, and now here we are looking at the complete demise of the party. A shame.

Whether it was a good idea poorly implemented or a poor idea fairly well implemeted, it doesnt seem to matter now. It did serve function though, a rallying point for libertarians of different stripes to try and get our voices heard and as such its death is a Bad Thing. The fact that this wasn’t really achieved is not a reason to give up, or, like many are saying to swear off politics altogether.

What I think I’m trying to say is that we need a movement in a much broader sense of the term, and although the LPUK gave us a focal point it was by no means the only such thing that can exist. While many may say things about ‘herding cats’ (and any visit to a Samizdata thread with more than 15 posts proves that point) there are more things we agree on than not- the state is too large, people need competition, we need to live within our means as a country- that sort of thing.

Getting a movement going, with things like the recent Rally Against Debt, things that make a big noise, get people galvanised into action (it’ll snowball) and above all get people to have HEARD of these ideas should be the priority. Nothing so formal as a political party and membership list is required.

Politial parties come later – bums on seats first.


One response to “Bad

  1. Quite simply anybody that stands in any constituency and promises to fight for democracy and commonsense and get us out of the EU would win my vote .. followed by overhauling the political system and the way it works.

    The state should simply look after law and order and run the country for the benefit of the people and reflect their wishes

    Local councils should look after basic services .. They should not interfere in daily lives


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