Emmanuel Goldstein Dead


So, it’s really official this time, Bin Laden is really (no really! This time he really is!) dead. Again.

Although, judging by the MSM column inches and continual 24-hour scrolling coverage this isn’t a story they’ll be using again, any time soon…

At least, I don’t think they think we’re that stupid.

Whether you believe (officially former) CIA asset Tim Osman was working for the USG the whole time, or was just a barely-leashed wolf gone renegade there is no denying how very useful he has been to those who love to destroy freedom. The post 9/11 world has been one long turn of a ratchet, with terrorism (a wholly new phenomenon never seen before 2001) being the prime driver for humiliating searches at airports, ever-more-authoritarian legislation and endless wars and Bin Laden, bogeyman supreme has popped up here and there with video and audio releases reminding us all what is at stake.

None of this will end now, of course. Terrorism will not stop overnight and there are plenty of henchmen ready to fill the space. Al Quaida -if it can be said to exist at all- is a franchise at most and an ideology at least. You can remove Colonel Sanders, you can bomb every KFC even, but fried chicken restaraunts will nonetheless pop up in every vacant shop.

Even if terrorists to a man held their hands up and said “Ok lads. The Sheik is dead, let’s all wrap in now,” the assaults on our freedom would continue unabated. They have AGW, financial crises and natural disasters aplenty. Cars that track your every move and meters that can restrict your ‘excessive’ energy use are born not of terrorism but Green Issues.

A Very Bad Man is dead, and I’ll not shed a tear, but I’m not expecting any good to come of it.


2 responses to “Emmanuel Goldstein Dead

  1. Couldn’t have put it any better. Change we can believe in, my arse. More like post-01 business as usual with various events both planned and unplanned all spun to justify keeping it that way.

  2. For the record, I already believed that Bin Laden was dead, so the news came as a little bit of a shock to me, but I marked out and was ready to believe the White House until they kept changing the story and then when they finally decided they were not going to release any pictures (much more gruesome then any other pictures of dead muslims ever released, obviously) I came right back around to my original belief.
    Something stinks.

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