Oh Noes!


They really are reaching now, aren’t they?

The Beeb was awash this morning with news that you can now buy a glass that will contain a -wait for it- a a whole bottle of wine! Arggh! Somebody alert the authorities!
Because of course, if someone usually drinks three or four glasses of wine then obviously if they use this type of glass then their consumption will skyrocket to three or four bottles! Ooman natcha, innit. People are greedy and furthermore too dim to appreciate the difference between a glass holding 25ml and a glass holding 70cl. Something Must Be Done! And just WHAT about the drain on the NHS, that’s what I’d like to know!! 

Which all pre supposes that it’s actually anybody’s damn business how many bottles of wine an individual may or may not choose to drink, which of course it isn’t. Oh, and to cap it all off, this isn’t even news (it’s olds). Here’s a picture of my sister-in-law drinking vodka and coke out of just such a glass two christmases ago:


4 responses to “Oh Noes!

  1. Oh FFS! Really?
    Mrs Bucko has had a couple of them glasses for years now.
    And, dare I say it, I have a beer glass that holds 2 pints.
    What is the world coming too?

  2. Just wait ’til they find out that some places will sell you beer in a glass that’s a whole yard long (which is doubly bad because it should be 91.4 cm anyway) and encourage you to drink it all in one go.

    😦 Oh, the humanity! 😦

    Fucking tools.

  3. You always COULD buy a glass that would contain even two or three bottles of wine.

    They are called Krüge. And if the slime ball, scum bag imbicilic pieces of filth that call themselves “journalists” had been anywhere near sober their whole lives, they may have spotted them at the München Oktoberfest in their thousands.

  4. No no! War is peace and we’ve ALWAYS been at war with Eurasia.
    That said, it hasn’t seemed to cause much of a stir outside the 10 minute segment I watched and whatever newspaper they were reading it from: I tried in gain to find a link and failed, all the sites that came up were offering to sell me one of those glasses.

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