What Is Wrong With These People?

This woman, caught on camera dumping a kitten in a wheelie bin, is obviously a very cruel and perverse person, possibly psychopathic- who demonstrates all that is wrong with society today and all the rest of it. Certainly she should, if found, be prosecuted and punished.

See if you can see what caught my eye from the story though? I’ll give you a hint, by emboldening it:

Coventry Police said they had been alerted to what had happened and had passed the matter to the RSPCA. A spokesman for the RSPCA said: “We are appalled by allegations that a cat was placed inside a wheelie bin in Coventry in what would appear to be a mindless act of animal cruelty “Investigations are on-going in liaison with the police.

Seriously, what the f..?
So now the RSPCA are the official animal-related investigation branch of the Police? Are the Police incapable or prevented or just plain uninterested in following up this complaint (which is not merely animal cruelty, distilled it amounts to criminal damage of the owner’s property) themselves? And there was me thinking that they were merely a charitable organisation devoted to giving soup to tramps finding loving homes for abused dogs giving sanctuary to abandoned donkeys Alright alright, I knew that they were another kind of cop, but I wasn’t aware that it was official. The arrogance just drips from that last quote: “Investigations are on-going in liason with the pollice.” To me that reads “This is OUR jurisdiction. WE are the FBI RSPCA and when we find whoever is responsible we’ll have the Police arrest them.” Nice.

Still, if you live in the Coventry area and you recognise the psychopath in the photograph, you might as well phone Obersturmfuhrer-RSPCA Nicky Foster on 0300 1234 999 and give them something useful to do, otherwise they will might get bored and start kidnapping elderly, much loved pets themselves…


2 responses to “What Is Wrong With These People?

  1. The police often leave animal cruelty prosecutions to the RSPCA, and it is fair to say that the RSPCA have specialists in that area of legislation. But they’re often accused of being over-zealous.

    Still, whoever prosecutes in this case can be as zealous as they like, to my mind.

  2. Matter of principle I suppose, I don’t think charities should be prosecuting anyone: that’s what the police and CPS are for. Giving evidence in a criminal trial, yes or even bringing private civil suits… but not acting as agents of the state. It just further muddies the waters. There are too many flavours of policeman already.

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