Tables Turned

Here is a member of the public filming one of Medway Council’s spy car operators.
He doesn’t like being filmed, claims it isn’t allowed(!) and begins to call the police…

I can sort of understand his concerns, after all, here he is, just doing his job driving around the Medway Towns on a huge full-time fishing expedition, filming members of the public at will when a mere prole has the audacity to capture his untouchable boat-race! Must have been quite a shock for him…
(Full story here)

It’s quite well documented that the State just loves to film and photograph us, while agents of the State hate nothing more, but it’s wonderful to see the people actually operating the police state spy equipment getting so hot under the collar up close and personal. Hats off to Mr. Khan.

In case either of my readers don’t have a spy car in their local area, here’s an image:

(Links to a Labour blogger with a bee in his bonnet about the CCTV car.)


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