You Are Stupid

You just can’t be trusted, can you? I mean, when people realise that something isn’t compulsory -even if it’s for their own good!- some of them just won’t do it. The law must be changed to force them to act in their own best interest, that’s what the law’s for!

This is the story on Comrade Beeb this morning. Apparently, since the advent of the road-legal quad bike, riders have realised they are not required to wear a helmet and -shock! horror!- some of them have chosen not to. Cue lengthy segment with free advert for a ‘quad bike safety centre’ (complete with riders riding slowly, in circles in the background wearing helmets and a very attractive, visibly upset young lady in a mini-dress leaving flowers at the scene where her brother would definitely have survived his head on collision with a Land Rover (!) if only he’d a helmet on. Oh, and don’t forget the obligatory Daft Lads Who Don’t Wear Helmets admitting they just don’t wear them because it “looks cool.” Powerful stuff.

So who is it that doesn’t trust YOU, Stupid Citizen, to make a rational decision about your own (nobody elses) safety, and wants to force you at gunpoint to make the correct choice? It’s our old friend: ‘Doctors.’ You know, the guys who used to get paid to fix you when you break down, got sick or had an accident but who have long since stopped regarding you as a customer and now regard you as a ‘drain’ on ‘their resouces’ (YOUR resources. YOU paid for them) and thus have a divine right to interfere in YOUR LIFE to ‘prevent poor health outcomes’ i.e. to stop YOUR money being diverted away from golf clubs and brandy.

You are stupid. You can’t be trusted to make the right choice. Listen to us, it’s for your own good. We are the State. You will be assimilated.



2 responses to “You Are Stupid

  1. This rubbish BBC story must have touched a couple of nerves. I blogged on the same thing earlier.
    Shit happens no matter how far you legislate.

  2. It’s similar to something I’ve got floating around the blogging node of my brain about cyclist helmets. In one of those fits of nannyism that Australian states have now and then (compulsory seatbelt laws were invented here in Victoria) some time ago they made helmets compulsory for even the briefest go at cyclism, and this has caused a bit of a problem with Melbourne’s new free public bike share scheme. The thing is that a tourist or a casual bike user who wants to get from one side of the CBD to the other can’t use a rentabike unless he happens to have a bicycle helmet on him. Naturally the people who do usually have a bicycle helmet about their person generally have it because they’re already riding a fucking bike anyway. Naturally the ‘solution’ chosen by the city was to go ahead with the bike share scheme anyway and hope that some how or other it will magically work as well as it does in cities where responsible adults are left to make their own minds up about the risk of helmet free cyclism.

    Personally I wouldn’t ride a bike in Melbourne if I had full body armour on because of all the tram lines to get your wheels stuck in. The pain suffered from going base over apex might conceivably vanish when 25 tonnes of tram hit you in the head, and if that happens those few ounces of brightly coloured plastic and foam are just going to make St Peter laugh his bollocks off at you.

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