Another Kind Of Cop

I’ve mentioned the ‘charity’ that is the NSPCC before, but this post from Al Jahom brings another well-loved charity sharply into focus:

Someone (John Northam) posted a comment on one of my RSPCA threads earlier: Came home from work to see a chitte to say they had taken my cat while i was at work- no explanation. A phone number that after 30 minutes of annoying waiting music and patronising advice on the treatment of snakes(!) turned out to be a fucking call centre and no attempt made to contact me My cat is 18 years old half blind and on his ast legs but still comes to me for cuddles and food (he loves bacon). He is not in pain and I know he will tell me when it is his time to go If the fucking bastards have not put him down already they will have scared the poor fucking creature to death by sticking him in a cage around loads of other distressed animals

And the follow-up comment:

July 22, 2010 at 6:46 am Need to followup on the story above. I have not been charged with anything yet so it is not yet sub judice. The RSPCA did contact me after 7 increasingly angry messages at the call centre phone calls to various vets etc trying to locate my cat. 18 hours after taking my cat they told me that they want to question me ‘under caution’ under this draconian piece of legislation called the Animal Welfare Act (2006) . I told them that I did not recognise their authority to do this so next week at some time I will be cuffed (that’s the loca Police policy), taken to a Police cell and interrogated because I did not have my cat put to sleep 2 weeks ago. Apparently the RSPCA know my cat better than I do. I intend to make a big commotion about this and have already spoken to my local MP. This is an excellent blog and I have spammed FB with the link. Everyone should know what complete bastards the RSPCA are and how much power the Animal Welfare Act givens them

It is worth remembering, although the RSPCA may not receive taxpayer cash (presumably putting out adverts with sad-eyed puppies in a ‘nation of animal lovers’ gets them enough) they nevertheless not only lobby for legislation but they have powers delegated to them from the State. This makes them a State organisation in my view, albeit one that is funded voluntarily.
Goons in uniform that are legally entitled to enter your home without your consent are police, pure and simple: I should (and now have) added them to the list of polices on my previous post.

Don’t give money to these guys: you might live to regret it.


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