The British People?

Seeing this morning that the ASA has banned a Tesco advert promising ‘fresh baked bread from scratch’ in its stores my initial thought was “fair enough,” but when I read further down the page this statement from the “Real Bread Campaign working party Chairman” Iain Loe:

We believe that this ruling sends an important message to unscrupulous advertisers: if you plan to hide or distort the facts in an attempt to draw customers away from small, independent bakeries that make an honest living baking honest loaves, the people of Britain won’t stand for it.’

The “People of Britain? Really? It seems to me that if this were true there would be no need for a “Real Bread Campaign” (as opposed to the imaginary bread, presumably phase-shifted 90° onto the j axis, foisted on us by eeevil corporations)  as the Great British Public would already be buying all their bread from little (real) bakeries.

Incidentally, the Campaign For Real Bread or whatever it’s called is part of Sustain , a charity with many branches devoted to global warming, organic food and other right-on causes.


2 responses to “The British People?

  1. Fake charity by any chance? And what the fuck is an honest loaf? Does it imply the existence of a loaf that lies about it’s sell by date and borrows your car without asking?

  2. Fake Charity’s what I.thought too… although they say they recieve gummint money on their website, there’s nothing in the CC page. The bulk comes from ‘charitable works’ or.something similarly obscure…

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