This Is Just A Test

Well. Not just a test of the WordPress app, but also a test of my ability to type on my new phone. And also a review I suppose!

I’ve never had a device so simultaneously difficult and easy to use, yet alone so wonderful and frustrating at the same time. Coming from a ‘proper’ (ie you can use a stylus) touchscreen winmo, I think I was expecting more… this Is certainly a far more advanced device (I think calling it a ‘phone’ would be doing it a disservice) so I was expecting it to do all the things my old phone did, but better. The things it does, it does better. It’s super fast and has a really good screen res, although it doesn’t want to play as many video filetypes as the Omnia, there’s no DivX support, although thats not too much of a problem, in all the time I had the Omnia I only watched a movie on it once.

The thing that’s really annoying me is the keyboard, as there is only a Qwerty opfion which is very difficult for someone with big fingers like me… the Omnia had Qwerty but I had it turned off most of the time, preferring a standard mobile phone layout with predictive text. I can use that layout faster than some people can type! There are other keyboards available but I haven’t found one yet advertising that option.

I also haven’t yet found a decent RSS feed reader.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with the Android OS, it’s just as open as WinMo 6.x (and presumably much more open than WinMo 7) and in just a few days I’ve realised what a huge community of users, forums, coders and hackers there are. The Android Marketplace is HUGE and to use non-Market apps (‘Jailbreaking’ to you iPhone fanbois) is as simple as ticking a box in the options.

The Sony Ericcsson apps it comes with are also quite useful: especially the Timescape app which collects Facebook, Twitter, messages and emails into one or several timelines, and launches the appropriate application should you have something to say…

There, I’ve run out of things to say, my typing has improved (a little) and now all that remains is to test out the application’s send button…


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