Inappropriate App Shock!

Today’s Sun is working up a fury about an iPhone app that allows you to simulate glassing someone using the phone’s motion sensors. So far, so Sun. The line that caught my eye though was the one tucked away at the end mentioning that it had not been censored by Apple, the implication being that it should have been.

There’s been a lot of chatter recently about Apple’s command structure and their insistence on telling you what you can do with your machine once you’ve bought it from them. I don’t really have an opinion on that (if you don’t want that don’t buy a bloody phone from them) but it strikes me, especially with once-evil but now a busted flush Microsoft moving in the same direction with their new mobile OS that app store business models are very easy for the Righteous to lobby for even more ‘choice editing’ than currently goes on.

I don’t want to get all alarmist or conspiracist but I can easily see a sanitised, Righteous future where the irreverent and unconventional things we can download for our computers will not exist and we will be confined to downloading ‘approved’ software, especially if devices like the IPad become the norm (as I’m guessing they will, eventually, simply for their convenience) for people to access the internet, play games and so on. A future where it will be just as easy for the Righteous to get a computer program banned as it is now for them to get a tv show or an advert pulled.


One response to “Inappropriate App Shock!

  1. A sad, sad prospect – but, we are all marching towards it with our eyes firmly shut!

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