No Sympathy, Sorry.

I don’t give a damn if he prefers pussy or arsehole, and I don’t give a damn if he wants to keep his preference private either- it’s none of my business and neither should it be.
David Laws I’m talking about, if you hadn’t guessed. However, when your chosen method of hiding your pussy/arsehole preference involves defrauding me: The Taxpayer, then out you must go. Sorry.

The simplest solution would just have been not to claim at all, and I don’t buy the “oh but if he didn’t claim it would have been the same as being outed!!!” wails. Not claiming would be a virtue and I doubt anyone would even have noticed, except in a beneficial way. And if Laws had simply said “he’s my friend, he doesn’t mind me stopping over” who would have cared? Who would have dug deeper? Cabinet members being homosexual just isn’t news anymore.

Cabinet ministers claiming expenses for rent they don’t have to actually pay is in fact BIG NEWS though. It’s a no-brainer.



6 responses to “No Sympathy, Sorry.

  1. What do you mean, rent he didn’t ‘have to actually pay’?

    If I had a mortgage and a live-in boyfriend, he’d sure as hell be paying me rent.

  2. Really? I’ve never done it like that. Once it gets to live-in stage i’ve always done split-the-bills. charging your partner rent has never seemed on to me… perhaps it’s a cultural thing..?

  3. So if you lived with a partner who was paying down a mortgage, you wouldn’t contribute to those payments at all, in the form of rent? You’d just stump up for the electricity and gas, and ‘sorry love, it’s your mortgage, you deal with it’?

  4. As long as the outgoing money is split fairly then no whoever’s name is on the mortgage/rent book has the responsibility to pay it. (that’s always been me so i don’t know from the other side). There are a near-infinite number of ways of splitting who pays for electric/gas/sky/shopping/nights out/takeaway/broadband etc. etc. without anything so vulgar as paying each other money, although perhaps that’s just me. Even if money towards the mortgage were to change hands I certainly wouldn’t consider it ‘paying rent’.
    The other point being, surely the logical thing to have done would have been to claim for the other house and keep his partner’s house off the books altogether?

  5. Ah, well, I suppose. Strange that you think paying each other money is vulgar! I think it’s very sensible, and made sure I came to DK with a proper dowry. (A MacBook.)

  6. Maybe vulgar’s the wrong word… but charging actual rent just seems a bit close to ‘Bed, Board and Bonk: £250 p.c.m.’

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