Ok, So Where Now?

So while we are all waiting for the political spectrum to fall back into place (and for my money I’m still betting on more of the same, just prettier and better dressed) the main thing that’s been worrying me is what phone to get next.

My contract is up for renewal soon and while I’m happy with Vodafone (although with an improved network 3 might be an option) I’m very aware that my current phone -being quite fragile- will probably not last another year in my possession so a new phone is in order. The trouble is (as I mentioned before) WinMo is a busted flush, the new WinMo 7 chasing after IPhone dollars and copying Apple’s regulated app store and interface. And I don’t want an Apple.

Which leaves me in a quandry: do I get one of the last WinMo 6.x phones to be made (I quite like the look of the HTC HD2) and keep all my favourite programs or do I move to Google’s Android?

It seems like an open enough platform, but do I trust Google with a device that is on my person at all times, a device that is my primary access to the internet and has a GPS chip in it?

Or should I go for a Nokia or Palm phone…



2 responses to “Ok, So Where Now?

  1. My suggestion would be a Nokia 900 (linux based OS so fairly fast and probably quite a few open source apps to use) just my 2 peneth worth.

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