I’m Feeling Transcendent…

The Sun appears as a perfect disc through the mist… the birds sing, the cars hiss. I’m a little drunk and not used to this godsdamn beauty. Apollo surely sees this every time he takes his fiery chariot aloft, but we mortals are not supposed to see the sheer unadulterated gorgeousness of the morning. Every sense is on fire. I know I’m sleep deprived and a little (!) drunk but… godsdamn…

Mine is the sunlight;
mine is the morning;
born of the one one light eden saw play;
praise with elation;
praise every morning;
God’s recreation of the new day

I know I’m not religious, but when I see the new day, and I’m awake enough to appreciate it (i.e. when I’ve been up all night) I can really, REALLY see how people can be.
Whether it’s God, or Gaia, or a natural phenomenon… enjoy it. It might be there every day, but your days are finite. Seize them.
That is all.


One response to “I’m Feeling Transcendent…

  1. You are catching glimpses of sanity! Imagine when such moments of sanity are the standard. I guess we are approaching slowly, or are we? Perhaps some wondrous explosion of exponential-or-greater acceleration will occur, and thrust us far beyond the stars. I value your experience, and appreciate your sharing. Blended quite well with Helium Vola and Qntal.

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