How Can They Tell?

Chuggers never approach me. Whenever I see them performing their maneuvers in the high street, and I’m in no rush I start readying my arguments: “How much do you earn? How much taxpayer’s money goes into their coffers? Why do they need my money if they can afford to employ you? Why should I give my money to NSPCC/Greenpeace/Friends Of The Earth/Oxfam anyway, when I don’t agree with what they do? I don’t want to take kids away from loving parents/impoverish Intuits/ban lightbulbs/turn Africa into one huge welfare state” or whatever.

They never approach.

Just now they had their NSPCC bibs on -an easy target- and I walked right through the middle of their posse, made eye contact with several (including a rather attractive young lady who I wouldn’t have minded demolishing the arguments of) and nothing. The aforementioned young lady started to approach and then thought better of it. Terrible.

It’s almost like I have a sign above my head reading ‘libertarian-blogging-fake charity aware-well-informed-angry young man’ which only chuggers can see. It must be, as they’ve never even given me the opportunity to get myself on a blacklist like I did with the door-knocking religious-recruiters when I had an hour-long chapter-and-verse-quoting under-the-influence (I won’t tell you what of, although it was something that made me VERY talkative) doorstep discussion (I kept inviting them in but they wouldn’t come!) with two Jehovah’s Witnesses many, many moons ago. All those days and nights spent logged into the Yahoo! Religious Debate chatrooms (what, you thought this was my first web persona? I’ve been at this since 1998!) weren’t wasted IRL as the Second Lifers say, but it would appear I will never get the chance to cross swords with a chugger. Perhaps they share the same blacklist?


One response to “How Can They Tell?

  1. They never approach me either. And as a middle-aged woman you’d think I’d be their ideal demographic.

    I guess the first (and so far, only) one to ever stop me must have given my description to all the others somehow. When she recovered from the experience, that is….

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