Shocked, And A Little Disappointed

Well, there I was, just about to enjoy an aprés-work pint when the wife phones me: “I thought you’d like to know Gordon Brown’s resigned and Cameron’s gone to see the Queen.”

I’m a little disappointed. I was expecting -and hoping, if I’m honest- to see Gordon led (or dragged) away from number 10 by the police, the men in white coats, the army or a combination of all three. The Lib Con coalition talks weren’t finished yet and nothing seemed set in stone. The last thing I was expecting was the happy-go-lucky Brown family skipping away down the street hand in hand like something out of The Wizard Of Oz.

Obviously there was more to it that we haven’t seen yet, it seems totally out of character for Brown (acting in the national interest, I mean) and I was fully expecting several more days of wrangling followed by a formal handover to Prime Minister Millepede later in the year.

Time will tell.


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