Tracey Crouch MP Has Moderation Enabled

So in order that my comment to this post regarding the NHS not be lost, I reproduce it here:

Sorry to necro-post, since you are now my mp I’ve been reading your older posts(I’d never heard of you before I saw you on BBC South East on election morning!).
Can anyone seriously believe that this service would be acceptable within a private hospital? The only solution is to abolish the NHS entirely. If Patients had the ability to take their business elsewhere then hospitals that offered a shoddy service like the one you outlined would soon be out of business. Unfortunately we are all forced to pay for the ‘service’ the NHS provides whether we use it or not, and so we cannot afford to go elsewhere. As long as this situation prevails outcomes will not improve as there is no incentive for the NHS to perform better.
As an MP for a party that is often accused of wanting to destroy the NHS (as if that would be a bad thing!) I would appreciate your comment on this.


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