Phillipa Stroud: So What?

Ok, so I’m finally starting to see the point of Twitter- at least, the Phillipa Stroud story would possibly have passed me by otherwise.

I’m not too sure of the significance.

So, for sure, she’s a christian and she holds the official view of christianity: that homosexuality is a sin, and that the Lord can ‘cure’ it. Christians believe in a monotheistic, omnipotent God (or tritheistic of you want to be pedantic) and an omnipotent god can do anything it wishes, except possibly making a weight too heavy for He Himself to lift. Changing the sexuality of a single human being is a simple matter for a Lord that ordered the lights in the cosmos. She has even attended prayer sessions attempting to ‘cure’ homosexuals of their sinful proclivities. Big deal.

These are not unusual views. Visit any church in the land (of any denomination) and you will find people who hold similar views. Indeed, enter some of the non-aligned christian groups who go in for speaking in tongues and getting moved by the spirit and so on and you won’t have to look too hard for the casting out of demons. It’s only a step away from faith healing, after all.

So she’s an MP. So what? Surely her religion is a private matter. At least, that’s what we were told about Tony Blair’s conversion to Roman Catholicism. At the very least it’s between her and her constituents. They may not be very fashionable or even respectable views these days but her own private, religious opinions are her own business… she’s not been using her parliamentary position to campaign for homosexuals to be rounded up into camps and forcibly exorcised, nor is she likely to have.

The whole thing reeks of muck-raking.

Disclaimer: I believe neither in witchcraft nor faith healing, nor do I attend a church of any description. I officially describe as Taoist which is not an Abrahamic or Deistic religion. I do not believe that homosexuality is evil. That is all.


2 responses to “Phillipa Stroud: So What?

  1. Who is making the noise about Phillipa Stroud tells us all we need to know. That section of the media are the ones who’ll tell you they’re all for free speech right before they add “but” and a list of all the things they think you shouldn’t say. Funnily enough I was blogging on something similar only yesterday because a gay PCSO had had a Christian street preacher arrested, fingerprinted and DNA harvested for homophobic hate waffle or whatever. Lots of hate on both sides, and very little live and let live.

  2. PS being neither gay nor religious and not deeply bothered about people who are I really don’t have a dog in this particular fight either, except that it’s getting harder to criticise either of them for fear of infringing some perceived right of theirs to not be offended. Homosexuality and religions concern me far less than it being a thought crime to say you don’t like them.

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