Web Presence

I’ve set up a YouTube account so I can post videos to my blog, I’ll stick something up as a test later on. and here’s a random video recorded less than ten minutes ago as a test: Ladybird Pr0n!

I’ve also set up a Twitter account, mainly because Election Night will also be Pub Night, and I guess (I AM guessing) that I’ll be better able to keep up with the news via mobile on the Twitter doo-dah. I’m also becoming gradually aware that without the twatter I’m only seeing half of the blogosphere… people keep posting that they “saw it on twatter” so I suppose I’ll have to get in on the action. I’ve been resisting it though, I have little enough time as it is!

So now all I have to do is start ‘following’ all the bloggers I read, get a WinMo Twitter application ( so far looks like a toss-up between Azurea, Twikini and moTweets) and I should be all set. Oh, and I probably should find out if there’s a ‘follow me on twatter’ widget for the sidebar, or if I’ll have to make one myself…


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