Return Of The Eugenicist

Charity Project Prevention have set up in the UK, bringing their policy of paying drug addicts to be sterilised. This is, of course, eugenics although given a faint sheen of charitable respectability and a big dose of Thinkofthechildrenism.

The BBC report was full of “they shouldn’t be allowed to have children”-type quotes so this is obviously an emotive subject, especially using the twin Daily Mail attack dogs of dirty druggies and poor babies and is likely to gain some traction.

However, once the policy of sterilising one section of society is accepted, it will not be that much of a stretch to extend it to other undesirables. Will drinkers, smokers, the disabled, certain ethnic groups (I can see some vocal sections of the public endorsing a similar scheme for gypsies, certainly) and common criminals be next?


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