Last Of The Summer Whine

Despite all predictions to the contrary, the polls since the Leader’s ‘Debate’ last week have all told one story: A surge in popularity for the Liberal Democrat wing of the ruling party. On the one hand, this could be seen as further proof of the popularity-contest state of politics today, as from what I saw all three leaders were saying the same thing:
“I’m the best, vote for me, those two are just the same, sure we’ll all take your money but I’m the only one you can trust to spend it properly.”

Fair enough. Cleggy DID come across better than Compo or Foggy, there’s no denying that. There could also be an element of people seeing their poll success and starting to think of a Lib-Dem vote as not such a waste. However (and this is purely anecdotal and totally non-scientific, mind you) I have yet to come across anyone on this side of the Fourth Wall who has said Cleggy came across well, decided to vote Lib-Dem or even who watched the damn thing.

Which leads me to wonder if the media are hyping the polls since the televised debate in an attempt to convince people (Us? Their paymasters? Themselves?) of their influence in this whole, sorry affair.


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