It’s A Lie

They’ve been trumpeting that you can register to vote online, and although I’m pretty sure I sent back the form when it came in the post I thought to make double-sure I’d just fill in the online form this morning, as they were reminding me on the BBC that today is my last chance.

It’s not. Although you can find plenty of information about registering to vote online, when you actually arrive at the registration site (curiously a site, not a .gov site) all you can do is print out the registration form (pre-filled!) so you can send it by snail mail.

Brilliant. All those who left it to the last minute are now disenfranchised as the real deadline was probably friday, in order to ensure it arrived in the post by today and the line the’ve been pushing about registering online is a complete fabrication.

They didn’t mention that on the advert!


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