Mixed Bag

Bit of a mixed bag this morning in the news… the BBC’s Reporters appeared on the box with a segment on the Finnish education system and how wonderful it is. Apparently they don’t start school until the age of seven and there is an emphasis on home education (as well as, not instead of). There was no mention of Gordon’s promise to keep our children in school earlier and longer the other night though. I vaguely seem to remember hearing something about choice and funding in the Finnish education system as well, but a quick Scroogle didn’t reveal anything and I don’t have time to really look…

Plenty about the volcano (natch) and some ‘lifestyle’ stories (and one about George Washington!) but one other thing that stood out was Cameron’s back-footed attack on the Limp Dems: “A vote for the Lib-Dems is a vote for a European Superstate!
My word, this from the party of the ‘cast-iron’ guarantee. Seems the leader’s debate had more effect than any of us envisioned… At least the debate is a three-way now, but will the voting be? This could be a good thing or a bad thing… Including the Lib-Dems as a credible choice may well defuse some of the public’s exasperation with the other two wings of The Party and damage the chances of smaller, independent parties.

Speaking of which, why do the EDP get a campaign launch story on the BBC website?


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