Taking The Fight To Facebook

Got a Facebook account? Probably, right?
Since I “added” (I refuse to use “friended”) David Davis on there I’ve been inspired. He posts to his Facebook feed various blog posts, pictures and videos pushing his point of view. I expect most of David’s friends are already libertarianally-minded, but mine aren’t. Most don’t even know what a libertarian is, and my straw-poll of everyone I know with the single question: “So who you gonna vote for, then?” has been mostly met with blank looks. They haven’t really thought about it. Most people I know, like most people in general, are turned off politics. I didn’t hear a single conversation about the ‘Leader’s Debate’ today! This was supposedly the innovation that would re-ignite the people into choosing between Coke, Pepsi and Rola-Cola. It didn’t work.

What does work though, is word-of-mouth. People you know telling you things you didn’t know and sparking your interest. Having conversations with people you know face-to-face is best of all, of course (and is something I try to do as much as I can without becoming a bore) but the way to reach everyone I know at once is… Facebook.

I started with pictures, some of the ones on Leg-Iron’s blog (not those ones, actually… the previous batch. Must correct that) and various ones like this on the LPUK blog (the first Leg-Iron one I posted had several ‘likes’ within a few minutes) but now I’m going to move on to articles and blog posts. Tonight I’m starting with Leg-Iron’s Be The Change post, as there is no Libertarian candidate standing aroound here, and his accessable-ey written post exhorting people to vote for anyone-but-the-main-three will hopefully gain traction among some of the people I know. Next time it will be something else. I’m steering away from libertarian-specific posts at the moment, because as I said there isn’t a Libertarian candidate round these parts so I’m concentrating on consensus-bashing posts. Can’t hurt, right?

There’s an election in a month, and every vote we can steal from the Lib/Lab/Con to one of the minor parties, or every vote that wouldn’t have been cast that will be cast elsewhere make it a little more possible for someone other than the socialist consensus (even if its a different sort of socialist not in the consensus, it’s a ‘doofer’) to get a voice going. Even spoiled ballots are recorded. It would be lovely to have a few independent MPs next time around, or even a few dozen from minor parties… especially in a hung parliament. Hopefully, we can rebuild freedom one vote at a time. I’m casting my net wide… becoming a Fisher Of Men. I’d urge you to do the same.


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