Jamie Oliver Has Got To Go

Apologies in advance, there may be a little swearing in this post. I’ve had a bad couple of days and this cunt has REALLY caught my ire!

As if it’s not bad enough that the so-called celebrity chef appeared on our screens manufacturing consent for a low-calorie ‘diet’ for the kids in our-state run indoctrination education establishments, in order to keep them docile and within state-approved rations guidelines, and as if it wasn’t enough that he’s recently been poncing around the US giving our already much-maligned nation a bad name, establishment-lackey Jamie Oliver has now decided to weigh in on the (non-) issue of the moment: binge drinking.

Their/There/They're- It's not rocket science.

Apart from the fact that binge-drinkers pay more tax than teetotallers (because of the excessive alcohol duty), and in fact quite apart from the complete wrongheadedness of EVERYTHING the bag-faced pillock says… just who the hell does he think he is?

Actually, no. Backtrack a little. Let’s not ‘quite apart from-‘ let’s look at what he said.

‘We must start fining these idiot weekend yobbo binge drinkers for their cost to the UK NHS, then spend the money on people that really need help… We can’t afford fixing drunks. People in need have no choice; weekend drunks have a choice.’

AND he's ugly.

Weekend drunks are PAYING for the NHS, arsehole. Same as you, same as me, same as everybody. It’s not the drunks littering the casualty ward on a friday night that are wasting all the cash, its the thousands of Righteous Five-A-Day Consultants and Tick-Box-Counters and Smoking-Cessation-Outreach-Coordinators pushing the same fucking agenda as you, you utter UTTER wanker. You’re supposed to be a bloody chef so do some fucking cooking and shut the fuck up, for Christ’s sake.

Oh! Oh! And lay off the obese too. Don’t you think they pay tax? They are forced -at the barrel of a gun- to pay into a ponzi health ‘insurance’ scheme for which they get medical cover. Same as you, same as those with ‘genuine’ illnesses. Ah, wait a minute… a bit off message there aren’t you?

“Brother, now you are talking. For many it’s an addiction and yes drunks can be as well, I know.”

Isn’t addiction supposed to be an illness? You better watch it “mate,” go off message much more and you’ll be for a “walk in the woods.” You’re in bed with some nasty people, who don’t like it when their pets don’t toe the line.

Isn’t it funny, just when the (non-) increase in alcohol consumption and the obesity epidemic are on the agenda again -not that they ever went away- Oliver feels he has to weigh in, with his cheeky-chappie-I’m-your-mate-mate-you-can-trust-me-mate-just-stick-a-bit-of-rocket-on-it-lovely-mate ‘charm.’

Not that I’m suggesting he’s bought-and-paid for, or anything.


I mean, really, can’t something be done about him?


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