Cameron’s Incredible Gift

Announced today, David Cameron will be introducing tax breaks for married couples if he manages to win the election. “Ooh goody,” I thought. “I’m a married couple!”

Ahh, but it’s not for me, you see. It’s only for married couples with one working partner. How many of them do you know? I don’t know any! Even those with children one is working full time and the other part time, it’s part of the realities of modern life. You have to earn very good money to make ends meet with only one working partner… so maye the top end of the £7,300 to £42,500 bracket will benefit.

Unless, of course, they’ll be cutting my taxes enough to allow my wife to give up work? Err… no. It’ll be worth £150 a year. £150 A YEAR!

That doesn’t even cover the phone bill.

So what, exactly, is the point?


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