Quote Of The Week

“Funny how both Mum and/or Dad can heave a buggy weighing 16 tons out of the boot of the car yet are unable to push it further than 5 metres across a carpark without having a fucking stroke or something. Does some kind of miracle happen once you pass through the sliding doors of said supermarket/DIY store, some kind of weird energy boost that enables you to march around the store at 30mph ramming any unfortunate soul that happens to cross your path yet upon leaving said supermarket/DIY store it renders you so weak you cannot possibly be expected to walk more than 5 metres to your car. Even if the baby is in a ‘carry car seat’ how the fuck are either of you going to get the bags of shopping from the car to the house if you can’t carry something weighing less than a sack of dog food more than 5 metres?.”

Mummy, you crack me up!


One response to “Quote Of The Week

  1. Though she did forget to add that the Buggy/trolley is usually parked askew across the aisle when they stop to read the fair trade/ calorie/ green/ salt content/fat content label.

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