Marmite: The New Smoking (Updated)

I’ve just seen the new Marmite advert. You’ve probably seen it (I can’t currently find it on YouTube)(you can see the adverts here, H/T David Davis at the LA Blog)- it takes the form of a party political broadcast for the ‘Hate Party’ with ‘manifesto’ promises regarding Marmite.

It says a lot about how far we’ve come. Bans -and restricting activities to certain areas- seem to have become so accepted into the national consciousness that food manufacturers are now comfortable spoofing them for an advert. “Get them out of the workplace and schools!” shouts the actor while the scene cuts to a bunch of desperate-looking people standing outside behind a velvet rope munching on marmite. The parallels are obvious but I wonder how many people will see it in a negative light? It’s obviously meant as Just A Bit Of Fun but it leaves a slightly sick feeling in the pit of the stomach as you can actually see it happening at some time in the not-too-distant future.

I will wait to see the corresponding advert (for the ‘Love Party?’) to see if it suggests making Marmite-eating compulsory. I’m guessing it will, as making things either banned or compusory seems to be the order of the day and popular culture is either catching up or normalising the idea, depending on how your foil hat fits today.

And I’m not even going to mention the two-choices-only way it paints the electoral process. Oh wait, I just did. Still, at least if it were real there would actually be a difference between parties.

Update: The Love advert doesn’t actually suggest making Marmite compulsory, now that I’ve seen it (thanks David) but it does, as Man Widdicombe points out in the comments at the LA post sport a red rosette and champion ‘spreading freedom to other countries.’ Can’t think where I’ve heard that before..?

I’ve also complained to the ASA as David Davis suggested.


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