I Think I Want An I-Pad (Updated)

I know, it sounds like a sanitary towel, and I don’t fancy being locked into Apple’s anti-smoking command-and-control structure but the attraction of a touchscreen device larger than my phone, with solid-state startup speeds is starting to look very attractive.

This post would have been much easier to type on an I-Pad, I’m sure and it would have been much less bother… Presumably I’d be able to enter text straight into the WordPress site with all the push-button goodness… Adding pictures without problem and without starting up the laptop or heading to the other room to use my desktop.

I think it might be ideal for this sort of just-occurred-to-me post and for the myriad of just-wanna-look-something-up-real-quick intertube usage.

I just wish there was a non-Apple alternative.

UPDATE: Ok, so according to the things I’ve read this morning, there is no tabbed browsing (making any blogpost involving links a chore (in fact more chore than my WinMo! At least on there I’ve only got to type the HTML tags manually, and can cut-and-paste the link itself) and no flash support. Ok, so most people probably already knew this, but as a contrarian Apple refusenik I’d been avoiding all mention of the thing (I’d quite fancied owning an Apple till they got ‘cool’) so it’s come as a bit of a shock to me…

Don’t think I want one now.


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