See! See! I TOLD You It Was Dangerous…

Doesn’t take long, does it?

Barely days have passed since the calls for a ban on smoking in cars started in earnest and suddenly there’s a story in all the papers about a hapless hairdresser who blew herself up in the car with bleach and a cigarette.

Not that I’m suggesting the Mossad, MI6 and ASH carried out a joint hit or anything, but I do wonder if this story would have made it beyond the small humorous-shadenfreude stories at the edge of the page last month (it’s a full page 19 spread in The Sun today), if it got covered at all.

Although I’m sure manufacturing news to suit the agenda does go on (especially in cases like the underpants bomber, which was all too convenient since the scanners were already invented and there was a lot of opposition to them), in most cases it’s much easier to manufacture consent simply by picking and choosing stories from the infinite variety of proto-newsworthy events that occur.


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