I’m enjoying my day off, and the last of this month’s wages sitting quietly in one of the multitude of coffee shops that have sprung up in recent years, fully availing myself of their free wireless and my phone’s wireless capabilities and generally whiling the morning away.

A perfect opportunity for blogging. But what to blog about? Well, there is this article in The Register last month explaining why the author doesn’t like the new WinMo platform, the appallingly-clunky-titled Windows Mobile Platform 7. I don’t think I’m going to like it either, and I blame Apple.

I don’t want an iPhone. If I’d wanted an iPhone I’d have bought a bloody iPhone! What I wanted was, like the author of the opinion piece, a small pc that I could fit in my pocket that also happens to be a phone, a GPS device and a camera. A PocketPC if you will. Until now Microsoft have been willing to provide me with one, but in order to chase the iPhone market they will no longer be providing me with what I want.

I was thinking that when I am next offered an upgrade I’d definitely be sticking with WinMo so I could keep all the freeware apps I use so often, mostly pRss reader and noni GPSplot (a far more fantastically useful tool than it first appears, imagine Google Maps without the need for internet access if you configure it right) and dozens of other little apps I hardly ever use but it’s nice to have like Pocket Picture. And all freeware. I’ve been in love with freeware ever since it was called “PD” and you had to send floppy disks off in the mail to get it, back in those halcyon Commodore Amiga days.

Still it’s not all bad. I might just stick with my Omnia or get one of the last WinMo “Classic” phones to be built. Or I could hope that Microsoft are just hoping to replicate Coca-Cola’s success with the New Coke, outcry, massive increase in demand for “Classic” Coke wheeze.

Disclaimer: The bulk of this post has been languishing in my phone’s drafts folder for a couple of weeks, before the very premise of the piece (free wireless) was threatened by the Digital Economy Bill. Bastards.


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